Java Programming of Web development


Java is a commonly used language for web development, especially on the server-side. Java web applications are distributed applications that run on the internet. Web development with Java allows us to create dynamic web pages where users can interact with the interface.

  • Java Programming for Web Development(4 months)
    • Adobe Photoshop

      A popular high-end image editor for the Macintosh and Windows from Adobe. The original Mac versions were the first to bring affordable image editing down to the personal computer level in the late 1980s. Since then, Photoshop has become the de facto standard in image editing. Although it contains a large variety of image editing features, one of Photoshop's most powerful capabilities is layers, which allows images to be rearranged under and over each other for placement. Photoshop is designed to read from and convert to a raft of graphics formats, but uses its own native format for layers (.PSD extension).

    • Adobe Illustrator

      A full-featured drawing program for Windows and Macintosh from Adobe. It provides sophisticated tracing and text manipulation capabilities as well as color separations. Illustrator was originally developed for the Mac in 1987 and, up until Version 7.0, which was introduced in 1997, the Mac version included more features. The Macintosh version is the most widely used drawing and composition program for the Mac platform.

    • Adobe InDesign

      A full-featured desktop publishing program for Windows and Macintosh from Adobe. Introduced in 1999, InDesign superseded Adobe's PageMaker, which had been the de facto standard in the graphics arts industry for many years. In 2005, a server version of InDesign debuted with Adobe's Creative Suite 2 (CS2) for automating publishing tasks. Containing no user editing features, the server version supports JavaScript, AppleScript, VBScript and C++ programs. Third-party tools enable InDesign to work with Indian, Asian and other non-letter alphabets.

    • CorelDraw

      A drawing program for Windows and the Mac from Corel. Introduced in 1989, CorelDRAW has been Corel's flagship program, which became very popular due to its speed and features. CorelDRAW has been offered in various suites with other Corel programs, including at one time, the Corel VENTURA desktop publishing program.

    • Project Work

      Project Work refers to all of the assignments, products, and projects that students complete to demonstrate what they have learned. Student work could include creative designs, research papers, essays, presentations, tests, videos, and portfolios, among many other potential products.

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